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Economics Honors Research Paper

The Robber Barons


DUES DATE: MONDAY, December 3, 2001


The research paper should be 4-6 pages long typed, double-spaced, and using Times New Roman 12 pt. Font in black ink.  The paper should include a neat title page, the body of the paper, and a works cited page using MLA style.  If you wish to write a quality research paper, you will need to see your instructor on your own time for individual extra-help.  In order to complete the research paper, you are required to follow these steps.


Step 1: Read Background “Transportation, Industry, and Labor, 1865-1900” Monday, October 1


Step 2: Find a robber baron and teacher approval Monday, October 15


Step 3: Do preliminary research on robber baron


Step 4: Write thesis statement and teacher approval Monday, October 22


Step 5: Research for paper by note cards or notes. Friday, November 2


Step 6: Write outline of research paper. Monday, November 12


Step 7: Write rough draft of research paper. Monday, November 26


Step 8: Revised rough draft


Step 9: Final copy Monday, December 3


I have read the research paper directions and understand what should be done according to the timeline.


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Robber Baron Rubric